Shopping tour

Dedicated to those who feel like doing intelligent shopping, few perfect items.
We will help you find the right shops and items that will improve your figure. A kind of shopping that will satisfy your figure and even more will gratify your mind.

Refresh you style

Whatever people might think about it, you are what you wear. And nower days even more. Our image is the first impression, the first key to jet set and high society. Our mission will be to enrich your personal skills, improve you look and make sure you feel self confident in anytime.

Through this service we want to help you express your personality at its best and make you feel comfortable with yourself and the others. We will focus on the improving aesthetic techniques such as dressing style, colour and textile choice of clothes, hair, makeup and style.
We will follow you in “specially focused” tours dedicated the purchase of all is needed , and why not, also something fancy.

Total look for a special day

Getting ready for a “special occasion” as your 18th birthday party, your wedding etc. is always long and tiring and can extinguish the enthusiasm.
Choosing to spend an entire day with us means to be in the hands of experts in choosing the proper dress, makeup, hairstyle and accessories. This makes the difference, and without stress.

Shopping list

This service is thought for those who do not want to loose time and energy. Fill out the form and we will do the shopping for you.
This service includes:

  • purchase of personal presents for any occasion
  • purchase of clothes and presents for your kids
  • prémaman purchase
  • sports equipment purchase (golf, sailing, horse riding, etc)

Shopping & Shipping

this service differs from the classic “on commission shopping” because our service includes non only the purchase for other people, but also the shipping in any part of the globe.
Are you in a foreign country for work or leisure and you simply cannot find what you are looking for? By filling out the enclosed form and by giving us a brief product description we will have it delivered right to you at home, or wherever you prefer.

Your Organizer

Are you in Milan for work and you do not want to loose the few precious free hours you have in front of the TV? Your wife is accompanying you and has already done a tour of the shops and does not know what to else to do? Call us and we will help you organise your permanence at best according to all the various events that Milan offers.
Hotels, restaurants, aperitifs, clubs, tickets for shows, theatre, galleries, concerts. Simply give us your preference by filling out the a form and we will do the rest.

Travel Style

How often id it happen to leave for a trip and not to have any clue of what to put in your suitcase? Or after a quick check of your wardrobe discover something is missing a few hours before departure?
Don’t panic, we can deal with it. From purchasing one item to the entire suitcase, we can organize your daily look. The service carried out on demand even at home.

Outlet Tour

Milan and its outskirts offer an enormous number of outlets of all the best brands. This service offers you the possibility to do a proper tour tailor made on your needs in all those hidden places where you will be able to buy infinite products reduces up to 70%.

Beuty & Fitness Shopping

We offer you the chance to spend an entire (or half a day) in total relax in the wellness centre that best suites your needs. Massages and treatments that we offer you will be a great chance to rest or prepare for a long shopping day.