Pure shopping (the accompanied shopping packages)

Duration: half or full day
A day entirely devoted to your shopping and look. We will go shopping together and I will provide you with a multitude of advices that will make you never be the same again. I will enable you to discover my favourite addresses in each area of Milan.

The easy shopping

Three easy solutions dedicated to those who hate shopping or simply do not have enough time, I will shop for you, according to a previously determined criteria:

  • Occasional easy shopping: To find one or more specific items
  • Half-day easy shopping: 3 hours shopping to get whatever you require
  • One day easy shopping: 6 huors shopping to get whatever you require

*Except during the Sales period or ask for a quote.

New look

Duration: one day
A real revolution in style from your hairdresser to your makeup passing through specific beauty treatments, manicure, pedicure, and in the second part of the day a careful and attentive choice of clothing best suited to you.

Prestigious new look

Duration: two days
1 day: dedicated to your beauty (hairstyle, make up, massages etc)
2 day: dedicated to shopping and a new look.


Duration: full day
Offer yourself or to someone else: a dream day, in which to be looked after as a true princess with a guided shopping trip, driven in a prestigious chauffeured limousine and a beauty appointment for hair-styling, make-up, manicure and pedicure. Live a day like a star with a trip customised to your soles desires.

For a special event

Duration: one day
The first part of the day will be devoted to research the perfect look for the special occasion, the second part to beauty: hair-styling and make-up, to be perfect at the rendezvous.


Duration: one day
Entirely devoted to beauty, this package offers a morning dedicated to the care of your body (manicure, pedicure make-up and hair-style) and an afternoon relaxing in spa centre (massages and targeted treatments)


Duration: one day or more
We will be by your side for a whole day to be dedicated to the pursuit of perfect gifts for a special occasion. 
(Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, baptism, corporate gifts and all other occurrences).


Duration: one day
We recommend and help you in the choice of clothes best suited for the type of trip you are about to undertake, whether for business or pleasure. Our attention will focus in particular on climatic characteristics of the place you are about to visit, on the purpose of your trip and the style used by those who will accompany you. In this way you can always feel comfortable and at ease no matter where you go, even far away from home.


Duration: one day
We will organize your day so that you can enjoy a healthy morning with gym and massage and then face an afternoon of shopping.

All sport

Duration: one day
We will organize your day so that you can spend a whole morning practising your favourite sport (9-hole golf, tennis, horseback riding, swimming ..) and a great afternoon with planned shopping.

The expectant mother planning

Duration: half or one day
On the morning shopping for expectant mothers, which needs to update her wardrobe, and in the afternoon we will focus on shopping for the future born child.


Duration: from 1 to 5 days
From the choice of the dress to the make-up and hair-styling. I will be at your side to help in the choose where to store the wedding list, where to print holdings, where and how to prepare bonbonnières.