Milano Personal Shopper

This website is born from a  great passion. The passion for fashion we both share and that brought us right up to here.
Fashion is art, culture, expression of feelings, something kidnapping. But style is the true protagonist, the expression of your own personality, the tool we willingly and unwillingly use to make people perceive who we are and what we want.

Style has its own rules, uncompromising and severe but capable to adapt to changing fashions and to society that evolves.
And this is why we are convinced of the importance of the Personal Shopper. Born in the states and reviewed the with “Italian style”, truly a professional look expert, psychologist enough to fully understand its clients needs, curious and attentive in keeping updated with the evolving urban retail map, capable of moving independently and conscious according to all requests.

Our objective is to give a professional service, not only to people working in the fashion system, for whom we offer a service of “shopping on commission”, but also for those people who are in Milan for work and have little time to go shopping or are spending a few days vacation but don’t know the city and the most famous shopping area of the globe.
Our service is thought for all those people that for any different reason want to modify their look, want to give a change to their lives, maybe starting exactly from their own image and do not want to face the challenge on their own.